To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1. I greet you in the name of our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. In 2005, I was eating at KFC and I wanted to have a different kind of spice to flavor my food other than salt and pepper - but there was no alternative. The Lord spoke to me and told me to make some. At that point, a seed was planted in me and I had to travail and go through the process of envisioning a season blend I could produce to make food more tasteful. When giving birth to an ideal there is a time and process that we all must go through before the birth comes into fruition. Seasoning food is second nature to me! My mother taught me how to cook and she gave me a work ethic but more importantly, she gave me a godly heritage. I was her helper. I would do all the prepping and seasoning the food. I wanted to make a seasoning spice that was favorable, marketable and a good quality so it would be ideal to carry around when you wanted to season your food to your liking. After much trial and error, Stephens New Seasonings LLC has finally arrived. This is not just a business venture; it is also a ministry tool to do kingdom work and a catalyst for economic empowerment to the body of Christ. I always wanted to start my own business but I had to wait until God said it was my time and my season.

- Bishop Lamar Stephens

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Going out to eat at your favorite fast food restaurant and want to “rev up” those meats, vegetables, and potatoes? Take Stephens New Seasonings 1 oz. with you and sprinkle to desire taste - turning your fast food from ordinary to extraordinary!

Tire of cooking at home and using multiple choice spices to make your dish a delight. Whether or not you are an excellent cook or beginner 101, try our 8 oz. bottle of Stephens New Seasonings. Your seafood, poultry, beef, vegetable, and starches will pop and be the only seasoning you will need in your kitchen cabinet turning your practical meals into mouth watering dishes.

So you are having a family cookout, a party, or you own your own restaurant and you need a bigger size. Turn your famine into a feast by ordering our 32 oz. bottle. Your guest would want to get in on the secret of your flavorable food. (Click Product button to see actual sizes and prices)

Yes, our seasoning can be put on cooked or uncooked food. For we have carefully selected and blended 12 spices together making your food from bland to Stephen delicious. Once you try it, we believe you will be coming back for more.
Because remember “It’s a brand new day. It’s a brand new season.

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